The first batters tell you all you need to know about the 2013 edition of the Senior-Faculty softball game.

For the Seniors it was Fred McCoy lifting a fly ball for an out. For the Faculty it was Trent Goff with a home run.

The Faculty went on to score three times in their first at bat, led 8-0 after their five run limit second. Goff hit a second home run and by the time it ended the Seniors were staring up at a 20-6 thrashing.

Goff hit his first home run with Jesse Frost on the mound a strategical snafu for the Seniors, perhaps, because Frost had pitched five and a third innings in the baseball district tournament the preceding night.

Down 8-0 the Seniors cut it to 8-4 in the top of the third when Autumn Sitzes reached on a throwing error by Mark Clemmons that allowed Daniel Ashley to score. Ashley was aboard on an error by Doc Crowley. After Kinsey Cobb singled, Cody Benson, Jacque Hall, Frost and Haley Davis were all walked by the Faculty’s David Beckham.

Any glimmer of hope was soon snuffed out as the Faculty scored five times in their next at bat without an out being recorded. It was acutally six, but a counting error prolonged the inning.

Goff’s second solo home run came in a five run fourth that made it 18-4 before it became an embarrassing 20-4.

The Seniors saved a little face with two in the sixth, one scoring on a single by Jacob Lear that included a throwing error and a single by Kaylie Brandt.

Though not needing to, the Faculty batted in the bottom of the sixth, but did not score as Lilly Dobbs struck out Dee Dee Griffey and coach Ricky May.