Less than 24 hours from now Booneville will know its second round playoff opponent and Magazine will know its first round fate.

So, as we sit here on the eve of the state football playoffs, let's take a look back to see how the coaches of the respective leagues did in picking the playoff teams from their respective leagues.

When it comes to Booneville and Magazine specifically, the Conference 4A-4 and 2A-4 coaches were spot on in tabbing the Bearcats to win the 4A-4 and Magazine to take fifth in the 2A-4.

The 4A-4 coaches actually got all five playoff teams correctly. The 2A-4 did the same. Both, however, were a little off on the order.

In the 4A-4 after Booneville the coaches went Dardanelle, Pottsville, Ozark and Waldron. Waldron is correct, and will travel to Pea Ridge as the 5-seed tomorrow night.

Between the two places Ricky May has coached the correct order is Ozark, Dardanelle and Pottsville. Ozark hosts Crossett tomorrow night, Dardanelle hosts Riverview and Pottsville is at Prairie Grove.

In the 2A-4, besides Magazine getting the last seed the coaches also correctly picked Danville to win the league.

Again it was the middle where they had trouble as they went Hackett, Lavaca and Mountainburg and it finished Mountainburg, Hackett and Lavaca.

Magazine, you probably heard is at Rison, one of the few schools to have played 100 playoff games, Friday night. Danville gets on the field after two open dates and a forfeit to face Poyen.

The other games have Mountainburg hosting England, Hackett at Magnet Cove and Lavaca at East Poinsett County.

If you're wondering, the coaches of the 2A-4 went Westside, Western Yell County and Decatur in 6-8, inverting only Westside and Western Yell County.

In the 4A-4 the coaches said Dover, West Fork and Subiaco, inverting the final two spots.