The Booneville School Board last week approved the purchase of new turf for the Kenneth Rippy Fieldhouse.

The turf, which will cost just under $40,000, replaces the turn installed when the facility opened in 2000 which was in use well past its warranty.

To be constructed without the rubber pellets frequently used with outdoor turf systems, the new turf comes with a nine-year warranty.

Superintendent John Parrish told the board officials for the company, the same that installed Waldron’s new outdoor turf, said the non-pellet turf is the primary choice for most professional teams for indoor facilities, specifically mentioning the Arizona Cardinals.

Parrish was asked by board member Todd Tatum if there is a concussion rating for the turf. Parrish said a company spokesperson told him there was not, though a rating is placed on their playground turfs, but an increasing the pad to an inch in thickness could be an added safety measure, but it would drive the price up by almost $10,000.