Our countdown moves into the teens today with game number 19 of the 50 best games to have been played in Bearcat Stadium, which will on Sept. 1, open its gates for its 50th season.

Today it was a 27-yard touchdown pass with :02 second to go that beat Mena's version of the Bearcats in 2008.

Why was this game chosen? Okay, the touchdown pass I referenced in the last paragraph, was by a sophomore, in a season opener, so he was obviously making his first start in a senior high uniform. What was he supposed to do for an encore?

What do I remember? Mena had a gob of penalties. I had to look it up but it was 16 for 129, which the folks down there swear were the difference. They weren't. Mena was sloppy, foolish even. Mena folks will point to an interception by Travis McDaniel as what should have been the nail in the coffin, but as I pointed out in a dueling column with a Mena writer, how everyone in Mena can swear their guy got a guy get a foot down on the opposite side of the stadium is beyond me.

What does Brock May remember? I remember winning the starting job the week before in the Charleston scrimmage and everyone making a big deal about me being the first sophomore to start at QB, so there was a lot of pressure. I played the worst game of my life because I fumbled three times and threw two picks. One interception didn't count though, lol. We lucked out and won in the end though.

What happened? With 2:10 to play and only one time out at their disposal the Bearcats took over at the Mena 49-yard line after, first, a kickoff out of bounds and then an onside kick. I know right? Against a team that had not sustained a drive of better than 46 yards all night.

After Lucas Hotubbee lost a yard May completed just his second pass of the night, to Jordan Reid, at the Mena 38. After the McMillan interception was waved off May hit Hotubbee for 13 and the ball was at the 25. Mena was flagged for a personal foul on the next down and the ball moved to the 10.

Apparently that wasn't enough degree of difficulty. May fumbled the ball on the next play and at leastthree different times Mena needed only to fall on the ball to end the game but attempts to pick up the ball only moved it backward until May could get back on it.

With the ball at the 27 May threw a pass into the end zone where Tyler Collins, Reid and defenders awaited. Reid won the jump ball and Mena is still mad.

The first Booneville points that night had come from sophomore Juan Rios on a 37-yard field goal so he was in position before the fumble to tie the game. Mena led 7-3 when Colton Waters took a reverse 25 yards for a touchdown for a 10-7 lead with 9:03 to go.

A 1-yard Jerry Hensley run capped a 14-play drive and made it 13-10. Reid blocked the PAT try to keep it a three-point game and setting up the late game heroics.

Tomorrow for number 18 we’ll disappoint our neighbors down Highway 10 again.