Today we march on with what a committee thinks are the 50 greatest games — so far — to have been played in Bearcat Stadium, because on Sept. 1, the stadium will open its gates for its 50th season.

For number 33 we have a number 33 showing out in a 36-22 win over Pottsville in 2008.

Why was this game chosen? He only had two touchdowns and carried the ball just 12 times, but Colton Waters set the single game rushing record on this night. It was also homecoming night and a win was expected, but maybe not the record.

What do I remember? You expect the occasional inadvertent whistle when Booneville is playing but this one happened on defense. A whistle took away an interception of all things because the referee thought the tipped pass was going out of bounds instead of into the hands of Jordan Reid. It served to keep Pottsville in the game and actually may have played into the record, inadvertently of course.

Also, of course I lobbied for a 300-yard game too but that wouldn't happen.

What does Chase Carolan remember? What I remember about that game was that Pottsville that year was a very physical. I got my bell rung a few times by number 5. He played linebacker and running back. I can't remember his real name, but everyone from Pottsville called him "Tweet".

That being said, I remember he came around the corner on a sweep near the Pottsville sideline and Jordan Reid laid a lick on him so hard that it sounded like a cannon. Not only did it knock him unconscious for a second, but it sure sent a message to their sideline that we were ready to go toe to toe.

What happened? It certainly didn't look like a big offensive night early as the first three Bearcat possessions did not pass their own 35-yard line and Waters and managed four carries and 15 yards.

Waters took a reverse 73 yards on the next possession but did not score, though the points would come, from Carolan by the way to tie the game at 7-7.

Before halftime Waters had 131 on seven carries but it was Reid who got the second touchdown for a 15-7 halftime lead. Carolan scored the 2.

The first drive of the third quarter consisted of one Waters 57-yard carry and it was 22-7. Waters went over the 200-yard mark on the next possession but Dwight Ashley got the touchdown for 29 unanswered points.

Pottsville got within 29-14 and reached the Bearcat 21 before a fourth down stop and Waters went 79 yards for a 36-14 lead the next play.

It was 36-22 with time winding down and Waters had 284 yards. He got 14 but had the breath knocked out of him and head coach Scott Hyatt had seen enough so Waters finished with 298.

Tomorrow we have a one is all it takes win at 32.