Okay I’m going to throw this out there again. This game fell on a day the Class of 1982 is in town but since we had left the hallowed halls, it was obviously unintentional.

Today we continue what a committee thinks are the 50 greatest games — so far — to have been played in Bearcat Stadium, because on Sept. 1, the stadium will open its gates for its 50th season. For number 34 we have a story of my running back is better than yours in the 1982 Booneville-Clarksville game.

Why was this game chosen? Evan Loop at Clarksville was the best back in the league. Or was he? Not tonight. Mike Fleming was a Booneville 20 Clarksville 14 game.

What do I remember? All kidding aside Loop was dangerous. See the 95+ scoop and score from the year before. However, that was then. This is now.

What does Danny Kimes remember? Loop was supposed to be All Everything. We thought Mike was the best.

I remember we played defensive end and we put in some kind of a special defense. In the third quarter I got clipped in the back and they put Mike Howell in and Mike did a good job.

On one main play Evan got outside of me and Mike Fleming. He slipped out to the right. I saw Fleming get clipped I saw the flag come out. Loop went about 70 yards. I was right on his butt, all I had to do was reach out and grab him. I never did reach out and grab him. To this day I can not tell you why I did not reach out and grab him. Coach (Mark) Neihouse was so mad at me.

What happened? Sophomore Mike Rasdon took an interception back 60 yards for a 6-0 lead but Clarksville went ahead on a 42-yard Loop run and with the Benny Shook PAT it was 7-6 Panthers.

Fleming ran 16 yards for a touchdown after a poor Panther punt and it was 14-7 at the half because Shook missed a field goal.

Clarksville tied it on a 2-yard touchdown and Shook PAT with 3:21 left in the third quarter.

Doug Arnold converted a fourth-and-5 from the Clarksville 7 before scoring from the 1 to set the final. Alan King had an interception to wrap it up as the defense came up with six turnovers.

Tomorrow we have a, poetically, record runner at 33.