Yes, this is third straight and fourth in five that the game highlighted is a blowout. Your point?

Today, we move into the 30s with a 2001, 42-12 win over Nashville at 39 on our countdown of what a committee thinks are the 50 greatest games — so far — to have been played in Bearcat Stadium, because on Sept. 1, the stadium will open its gates for its 50th season.

Why was this game chosen? Booneville had won 22 in a row and needed one more to make it back-to-back trips to "the Rock" for a title appearance. Given the way the year started with the tragic death of two players that seemed highly unlikely to say the least.

What do I remember? This was supposed to be a close game. It was for almost a half. That, and Bryan Taylor was a beast in the playoffs that year. He was a classic in every sense of the word as you'll see if you read on through the next three paragraphs.

What does Bryan Taylor remember? What I remember about the Nashville game in '01 was, the third time is a charm. Sophomore season was a heartbreaker, junior year was the ultimate revenge, and senior year was icing on the cake. We were so familiar with each other I remember the opening kickoff, standing deep to receive, Nashville does their regular of running through their victory line and running the length of the field right to me. Their quarterback who was also a three-year starter pointed at me and I waived him on to bring it.

I remember the offensive play of the game cause it was my favorite play, fullback trap left, running right behind my man Josh Walker. It went for about 25 yards but could of been more but I was head hunting for someone to hit. We had a quarterback that was playing on one leg. Ronny Becker single-handed laying Scrappers out with the ball in his hand. And late in the game when your running the ball 10, 15, 20 yards at a time and their players just trying to arm tackle your running backs, when you sense that the other team has given up, your whooping the dog out of them in the trenches, they're yelling at each other and you realize your going back to the Rock.

I have a memory that is burned in. When the extra point kick was good in '99 their players were ripping their helmets off running down the field in front of our fans saying "we're going to the Rock". That started the burning hatred in me. Others will say '93 they beat us by a last second field goal.

What happened? Okay, it's 14-12 at the half which was a story in itself. Taylor had both touchdowns and Nashville actually had a chance to take its second lead before a sack attack by Kyle Arnold, who I have often said I would take first if I ever had to create an all time team.

After a three-and-out to start the second half the Bearcats were at Nashville's 43. Taylor went 33 and Ronnie Becker scored a couple plays later for a 21-12 lead. A three and punt, which was blocked by Jordan Tharel and scooped and housed by Josh Holloway made it 28-12.

After a fumble exchange there was blood in the water. Becker had recovered the Nashville fumble and his 12-yard touchdown run was something to behold and made it 35-12. This pains me to type, but seriously, words can't do it true justice, you need to see it. A Nathan Adair 27-yard score finished off Nashville and made Adair the third 1,000-yard Bearcat back that year.

I believe without an injury to Brad West there would have been four for the first time.

Tomorrow ending a curse at 38.