It wasn't supposed to be a blowout. Both teams were rolling and had big offensive producers. The problem was one could really play defense which makes the 35-0 quarterfinal round win over Lincoln the 41st greatest game to have been played at Bearcat Stadium.

We continue today a countdown of what a committee thinks are the 50 greatest games — so far — to have been played in Bearcat Stadium, because on Sept. 1, the stadium will open its gates for its 50th season.

Why was this game chosen? The Bearcats were 12-0 and the Wolves 11-1. The winner was likely to get a trip to Pine Bluff Dollarway.

What do I remember? A sports writer friend of mine from Northwest Arkansas called me to inquire about offensive numbers and was thoroughly unimpressed, all but saying at least your bunch has had a great season. Guess who I called first after the mercy rule clock expired. Go on, guess.

This one is second handed but I'm told a sister to a player found the Lincoln broadcast on the internet and heard things like Booneville has only had running water a couple weeks. Someone should have told dude at the mike that Booneville had won, then, two state titles and Lincoln had won two playoff games, ever. They still have by the way.

Lastly, I'm hanging at McDonalds after the game to file a story, after having called the friend, when a guy walks in wearing a shirt from and Oklahoma high school. He said something akin to I'm no expert but as long as y'all run behind, and said the numbers of Michael Drawbaugh and Dalton Gray, I don't see how you can get beat. Thanks for the tip Captain Obvious and, by the way, they didn't.

What does Bryson May remember? They had a running back (Tyler Cummings) and linebacker who were super hyped up by everyone (but) neither finished the game, and their quarterback the next year won player of the year for Benton so they were pretty good.

That was the closest we were to trailing that year but they missed a long field goal. I think it was 0-0 after a quarter then we went into half up 28. (Matt) Berry had the longest run in playoff history for us but he got caught and didn't score.

And that was one of the loudest games I ever played in.

What happened? The field goal May mentioned was from 48 and had no chance at all. From there it was Katy bar the door. An 80-yard drive ended with Josh Smith getting the second half of them. The Bearcats got the ball when the 2,000-yard running Cummings tried to throw a pass from punt formation and Berry picked it. On his way to 177 yards on just 10 carries, May went 69 yards for a two score lead. May picked off a screen pass and took it back to the Wolf 7 to set up his second touchdown and a 21-0 lead.

May went 64 yards on the first play of the second half and, after the 78-yard Berry effort May referenced got the ball to the 2, Berry would score to start the clock running.

Completing three passes, the all everything quarterback Drew Harris had more attempts, 15, than passing yards, 14. Joseph Saldana sacked him twice and Dalton Gray added another. Damon May also had 2.5 stops for a loss.

Tomorrow it’s a big time recruit getting a big time wakeup call at number 40.