The Rattler track season ended with a 6th place finish at the state championships.

That came on the heels of a great day at the district championships where the Rattlers gave defending 1A State Champions Jacksonville Lighthouse a great run and the Lady Rattlers pushed State Champions Quitman for most of the day. Individual highlights included Aubrie Davis medaling in the pole vault and turning in the 3rd fastest hurdle time at state. The 4x800m relay team of Lauren Ryan, Marley Littleton, Kia Yang, and Michal-Ann Dobson placed 4th at state and Lauren Ryan took 4th in the 3200m run. Caleb Hyatt placed 10th in the discus while Davis, Racheal Phillips, and Hannah Smith all scored in pole vault “vaulting” the Rattlers into first place for the time being. They remained in first or second for much of the day. Reagon Pickartz continued the scoring with 7th in discus. Smith also scored in triple jump. Finally, the 4x400m relay team of Davis, Littleton, Taryn Leslie, and Hannah Green took 4th place. The boys 4x800m relay team of Wright, Witt, Halek, and Wang finished 7th. Halek also scored in the 800m run.

District results were excellent as well. The Rattlers pushed Jacksonville to the final three events with a scant 6 point difference. The Rattlers battled well but in the end had to settle for runner-up in mens and womens divisions.

PV - Davis 2nd, Phillips 3rd, Smith 4th, Green 6th

HJ - Gibson 3rd, Thomas 6th, Phillips 7th, Smith 8th

Shot - Caleb Hyatt 3rd, Greg Hyatt 7th

Discus - Caleb Hyatt 2nd, Yang 5th, Greg Hyatt 7th, Pickartz 2nd, Bryan 5th

LJ - Colton Young 5th, Trevor Blake 7th, Thomas 7th

TJ - Jesse Witt 2nd, Trevor Blake 3rd, Xeng Yang 6th; Smith 2nd, Leslie 3rd, Davis 6th

4x800m relay: Witt, Wright, Halek, Minghao 2nd, Ryan, Rebekah Dobson, Littleton, Yang 2nd

Hurdles - Yang 3rd, Reed 4th; Davis 2nd, Smith 8th

1600m - Wright 3rd, Wang 4th; Ryan 3rd

4x100m relay: men 3rd; women Davis, Yang, Littleton, Thomas 4th

400m - Lor 4th, Vang 8th; Thomas 4th, Lauren Littleton 6th

Hurdles - Yang 3rd; Davis 3rd, Smith 4th

800m - Halek 2nd, Witt 5th, Wang 6th; Littleton 3rd, Ryan 6th

200m - Blake 8th;

3200m - Wright 2nd, Wang 7th; Ryan 1st,Yang 5th, Dobson 7th, Dubroc 8th

4x400m relay: Vang, Yang, Hyatt, Lor 2nd; Davis, Littleton, Green, Thomas 2nd


Aubrie Davis

Racheal Phillips

Hannah Smith

Reagon Pickartz

Marley Littleton

Michal-Ann Dobson

Kia Yang

Lauren Ryan

Hannah Green

Keaira Thomas

Jesse Witt

Caleb Hyatt

Wang Minghao

Jan Halek

Levi Wright

John Lor

Xeng Yang

The season wrapped up with Hannah Smith competing in the State heptathlon pitting the top athletes of all classifications into one big 2-day competition in seven events.