The Booneville Bearcats Trap Shooting team recently placed third in the West Region Senior Division play at Jacksonville.

Strong winds were prevalent for a second straight weekend at the Jacksonville Shooting Complex, but by Saturday the 129 senior division trap-shooting teams competing were greeted with plenty of sunshine and a little less wind for the Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program’s west regional qualifiers.

“The weather Friday was overcast and very windy. I think it had an impact on the scores,” said Doug Newcomb, the chief of the AGFC’s Education Division, which oversees the AYSSP. “The weather Saturday was sunny and a little windy, but not as bad as Friday. We had two perfect scores turned in on Saturday.”

Huntsville High School’s Ugly Unicorns were just two targets behind Shiloh in second place, edging the Booneville Bearcat Trap/Macho Busters in a shoot-off.

In Friday’s junior division competition, the Booneville team of 4 Drakes and a Suzy ended up in fourth place.

“Friday’s scores were probably lower than what we would normally see, and I don’t doubt that the wind had an impact in that. It was very tough conditions to be shooting,” Newcomb said. “Basically, the weather was the thing. You have to admire the kids, though. They didn’t seem to be whining about it, but rather just saying, ‘This is what we have.’ The good thing is, they were all shooting in the same conditions and it didn’t adversely affect one team over another. And when those top 16 teams come for the junior division state finals, hopefully we’ll have better conditions.”

The top 16 teams in each division from each regional qualifier will be able to compete in the AYSSP State Championship.