About a week ago, I called a South Logan County Justice of the Peace. The reason was a few years back, I had a complaint at a Quorum court meeting. After I complained, my JP stated he never received a phone call from me, regarding this matter.

So this time I decided to call my elected JP. The complaint was that there are two dead trees, on the county right-of-way. Fearing that many branches were falling on the road, within a short time, the tree might fall blocking the road. I might need E.M.S. or police service immediately.

After explaining the situation, he told me to call the Judge’s office. I explained, this is not a road matter, but a right-of-way matter and the JPs should have a voice in the matter.

He said that the JPs do budget and ordinance. He stated, "If you want to change anything, you should throw your hat into the ring".

If I was younger I would run for office and serve the people, who elected me with respect. I would also try to solve the problem and take the pressure off the County Judge. I have been paying property tax for 36 years. Nothing much has changed in service.

County JPs receive $200 a month, plus health and life insurance.

Why do we need so many JPs just to do the budget and ordinance? Four JPs is all we need for the county — two on the north and south sides. The County Judge can break any ties.

All that extra money can go to the county road employees.

Nick Nersesian