Okay, since the season opener is tomorrow I guess I’ve waited as long as I can to make my sports columnist required prediction for your Arkansas Razorbacks this football season.

Aug. 31, Vs Florida A&M. I’m curious how many of you know the mascot for the opener was a Rattler before Arkansas jumped bad and put them on the docket? If Arkansas don’t win this big they need to bring back Jack Crowe to fire all of them. Arkansas 52 Florida A&M 10

Sept. 9, Vs TCU. Arkansas stole one last year because TCU was, well dumb. I think they make it two straight over the former SWC foe. Arkansas 34 TCU 24

Sept. 23, Texas A&M in Arlington, Texas. Arkansas does not play all that well in that building but A&M they will be coming off a game with LSU while Arkansas had the week off, and although this A&M is a lot better than the one tomorrow night they’re still not good enough. Arkansas 38 Texas A&M 17

Sept. 30, New Mexico State. Wow what a killer nonconference foe. Was UAB not available coming out of the program shutdown? Arkansas 59 New Mexico State 7

After a perfect September folks start talking natty title and such nonsense sine Pigs break top 15.

Oct. 7, at South Carolina. If last year is any indication the Gamecocks can win a close game. That’s not good for Arkansas, who often finds a way to lose one. Maybe they’re looking ahead. South Carolina 30 Arkansas 27

Oct. 14, at Alabama. No, we’re not looking for one of those road Auburn games, but we’re not looking for a win against the Tide, who will have played the powerhouses of Fresno State, Colorado State, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss and A&M (the one in Texas) after opening with Florida State. Alabama 27 Arkansas 16

Oct. 21, Auburn. Would a 3-4 scheme have prevented 56-3 last year? Who knows but we still think Auburn wins again this year. Auburn 33 Arkansas 22

Oct. 28, at Ole Miss. The Rebels couldn’t come at a better time than they do this fall. By now the program should be in complete disarray. Arkansas 41 Ole Miss 14

Now, at 5-3, we’re looking for a bigger bowl than we should be followed by the words “if we win out,” on sports talk radio.

Nov. 4, V Costal Carolina. Good thing this isn’t a baseball game. Costal Carolina, by the way, is picked dead last in Arkansas State’s Sun Belt, if you’re wondering. Arkansas 63 Costal Carolina 10

Nov. 11, at LSU. The inside the stadium beer sales may be on hold this year, but there’s no doubt the Bengal faithful will come in oiled up. Moving this game has taken some of the luster out of Thanksgiving but the boot stays in Louisiana. LSU 24 Arkansas 9

Nov. 18, V Mississippi State. Well hello Bulldogs. State is better than the other Mississippi institution on the schedule, but like the A&Ms, they’re not good enough but it’s closer than it should be. Arkansas 20 Mississippi State 17

Nov. 25 V Missouri. I’m not a big revenge factor guy most of the time, but Arkansas, already, and during game week should tire of the collapse reminders and should pound the Tigers to get that trophy. Arkansas 38 Missouri 16

There you have it, 8-4. Bowl? The long named corporation Music City Bowl in Nashville against Minnesota and Arkansas, um, still doesn’t have a win against a Big Ten team. Minnesota 22 Arkansas 19