Like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in The Terminator, I said “I’ll Be Back.”

Unlike the futuristic terminator — yeah, that means he actually came back before he even existed — my return took a while. Two months to be precise.

If you’re one of the few who doesn’t know I went in for a heart catheter on April 25 and wound up on an operating table for a quadruple bypass the next day and I was out of work until Monday of last week.

Doing what I do I have been known to make enemies but I cannot say enough about the heartfelt love shown the Parrish household. I hesitate to list them all because of the likeliness of missing someone but I have to highlight some, like my babysitting mother after I was released from the hospital.

Before that there were many visitors, flowers and such I won’t list because, to be quite honest, I don’t remember some of them. Must have been the medication.

There was also some generous provisions in terms of mowing my yard and other financial assistance from folks I won’t out, but they know how much I appreciated it.

I’m not breaking my arm patting myself on the back but I just don’t miss work, even when I should. Since June of 1985 the longest I had been off work was the three weeks I took off for lung surgery last August. Then I had Bearcat football to spur me to return about two or three weeks sooner than I probably should have.

A late April surgery did not have that draw and baseball was over by the end of the three week window. It probably didn’t matter because the doctors, including the same surgeon who had also performed the lung lobe removal, seemed steadfast I needed a longer recovery this time.

The week after surgery the Democrat ran a notification that I would be out for medical reasons and suggested you forward news to the office. To those of you who did so, thank you. I make note of it because I’m still not 100 percent, meaning I move a little slower these days, and I’m still undergoing cardio rehabilitation so I need you to continue to do so.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to some of my company colleagues as well for helping take up the slack for me in terms of copy, website work, layout and dealing with the insurance company on my behalf.

They kind of had to but there is also Amanda Farris who was able to provide some fresh content and artwork each week. Trust me it did not go unnoticed.

The local hospital is often the subject of complaining and while I wasn’t there for the recovery, I will brag on Mercy in general. The care I received was top notch, believe me if it wasn’t I would say so as I did after the lung work, when one employee irritated me immensely. That individual was on my care team again and was much different and there is a CNA in particular I had for three straight days who was absolutely wonderful. She’ll make a great nurse.

Finally, since I’ve been back the reception has been awesome. I wasn’t even booed at the Rotary Club meeting and one Rotarian said they weren’t sure they had ever said it but they were actually glad to see me.