It looks like a natural fit for Bob Harper.

Harper, Logan County’s new county extension agent has an employment background in poultry. He comes to the University of Arkansas cooperative service after spending time as a field representative of Butterball in Huntsville.

Before that Harper worked at other poultry operations, including a hatchery.

Those lines of work came after completion of a bachelor’s degree in agriculture education and a master’s degree in poultry from the University of Arkansas.

Logan County is chock full of poultry farms.

Before his time in poultry, Harper worked a family farm in Danville that included row cropping until he was about 12 before converting to a beef cattle operation.

Logan County has its share of row crop operations on the northern side of the county and, like poultry operations, has a multitude of cattle producers.

Since starting with the extension service on April 8 Harper has been busy making himself known.

"I’ve been out meeting some farmers and I’ve been to the cattlemen’s meetings and Farm Bureau meetings," said Harper. "But if anybody has any questions come in so I can meet them and we’ll try to answer their questions as best we can, or we’ll find somebody that knows the answer."

The extension service umbrella covers quite a bit.

"We do a variety of things. We assist in forage and pasture needs, ornamental turf grass stuff (and) insect problems," said Harper. "Home and lawn care stuff we do a lot.

"We’ll help read soil samples, do hay samples."

Harper said he will not have set hours, per se although he will be available.

"(New 4-H program coordinator) Sarah (Whitaker) has an ag background too and she’ll be available too. I’ll be available to come over here, but I’m not going to have office hours here," he said. "I’ll come over here if I need to visit or go to a farm."