If you drove by the Booneville Municipal Complex on Wednesday of last week you may have noticed several police bullet proof vests outside.

No. The BPD was not getting set for battle, but for the record, they could be.

The vests — SWAT tactical vests — were donated to the department by the Fort Smith Police Department, when it purchased a new line of protective vests for some of their officers.

BPD Chief Al Brown said the vests were a welcome addition to the equipment available. Because they are SWAT tactical units, Brown said the vests are fully equipped, meaning in addition to stopping bullets, they include front and rear striker plates, magazine holders, and a mini backpack.

"They are what I wore when I was in Iraq," Brown said.

Brown estimates if the department were to try to purchase the units they would cost a minimum of $1,500 each.

"We appreciate it," said Brown. "For them to donate them to a department that does not have a whole lot of cash to give out and spend like that is pretty awesome."

Brown also said the department has multiple SWAT trained officers who can make use of the vests when conducting raids or responding to other highly charged and or dangerous situations.