Former Logan County Sheriff Ray Gack has announced that he will seek the office of Logan County Judge in the upcoming election.

Gack served four terms as Sheriff before deciding not to seek re-election. He is currently an investigator with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

"I have served the citizens of Logan County for the past 24 years, almost half my life, as a deputy sheriff and as your elected sheriff," Gack said. "I was born and raised in Logan County and I have always had its best interest in mind. My wife, Annette, and I have four children, two son-in-laws, and five grandchildren. I am a Christian. I am pro-life. I believe that everyone has the right to bear arms and I believe we cannot spend more money than we bring in. Annette and I attend the Dublin Freewill Baptist Church East of Scranton. Our passion is singing Gospel music and ministering in song."

Gack said Logan County is facing difficult economic times with major issues arising "including a stagnant budget and an out-dated, overcrowded jail. As a four-term elected sheriff, I tackled difficult budget issues, I worked courteously with other elected officials and police chiefs and I effectively managed my personnel. I will carry this forward into the office of County Judge.

"My goal as County Judge is to work with the citizens of this county, the other elected officials in the county and cities and the Quorum Court to resolve the difficult issues for the betterment of this county," Gack said. "A person standing alone cannot overcome this task. But, by listening to others, hearing their concerns, seeking their wisdom and opinions and working together, we all can make a difference.

"My goal is to make Logan County the leader for other counties to want to follow and for Logan County to be a better place to raise our children and grandchildren," he said. "I am running on one word — unity. This race is not about Republican verses Democrat or north Logan County verses south Logan County. This race is about everyone working together for the best interests of Logan County. As your County Judge, I will make this happen.

"The other night, I heard a preacher speak about people getting into their comfort zones and not wanting to step out of that zone to improve themselves or the people around them," he said. "Law enforcement has been my comfort zone for years and I am willing to step out of that zone, if elected, to see what we can accomplish together. I will have an open door. I will seek your voice in policy decisions and I will be transparent in what happens in county government. Elect me as your County Judge and I will unify this county and the government will serve you, not itself."