The filing period for candidates seeking election to municipal positions opened Friday at noon and by the end of the first half day of the three week period, a single candidate had come forth.

Stacy Brown, 37, turned in a petition and related paperwork to seek the position of Booneville City Clerk, The wife of Booneville Police Department Chief Al Brown, is expected to get plenty of company in the bid for the seat Melinda Smith currently holds.

As many as four other individuals are reportedly also interested in the position. Smith has stated she will not seek reelection to another term

"I am excited to announce that I was able to turn in all of my paper work and begin my candidacy for City Clerk of Booneville earlier today," Brown said in a Facebook page launched on July 13. "Thank you to everyone who signed my petition and I can’t wait to see how God guides these next few months."

The filing period for city government — councilmen, clerks and recorder/treasurers, and mayors — ends at noon on Friday, Aug. 15.

Mayor posts in Booneville, Magazine and Blue Mountain are held for four-year terms and Jerry Wilkins in Booneville, Stanley McConnell in Magazine and Dale Dickens in Blue Mountain were all elected in 2012.

Magazine Recorder/Treasurer Vicki Smith and Blue Mountain Recorder/Treasurer Sharon Leach were elected to four-year terms in 2012 and those terms run through 2016.

Elected on a biannual basis, all aldermen positions in Booneville, Magazine and Blue Mountain are also up for reelection. There are six aldermen in Booneville and Magazine and five in Blue Mountain.

Candidates for Booneville city government posts must submit a petition bearing the names of at least 30 registered voters. Candidates for positions in Magazine and Blue Mountain must submit petitions bearing the names of 10 registered voters.