With news of the moving of the Independence Day firework show to July 3 and revelation that the event will be solely sponsored by the City this year, Booneville Development Corporation/South Logan County Chamber of Commerce officials are taking some heat.

Still, BDC/Chamber executive director Stacey McCollough said the organization has no choice considering their budgetary constraints.

"That’s really the danger of a city or a Chamber doing something that is really a service because down the road you may not be able to afford it," said McCollough.

Of late the fireworks show has had a price tag of $5,000 with the City and Chamber each paying half. Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins learned a couple weeks ago that the Chamber would not be participating in the show this year and scrambled to keep from canceling the show altogether.

McCollough previously stated the decision on the fireworks was delayed until after the Booneville Open Cow Pasture Pool because the golf tournament was one of the funding sources for the Chamber, and poor weather made for a poor fundraiser.

Wilkins was willing to spend what it had budgeted for the show and former BDC/Chamber director Vanessa Wyrick secured a commitment from Premiere Pyrotechnics to conduct the show, but because the company was, predictably, booked for July Fourth, the show had to be moved to Thursday, July 3.

The show will be held at Bearcat Stadium, as is tradition but due to renovations at the stadium there will be no public address system and there will be no program, Wilkins said.

The mayor wonders if having the show early will not end up being a benefit.

"I think the 3rd will be better than the 4th because the 4th is on a Friday and people will be going out of town," said Wilkins.