Sales tax receipts in Logan County for the first six months of the year continue to show an increase over the same period in 2013.

According to information provided by County Treasurer Mickey Oates, Logan County’s one-cent sales tax has brought in $533,138.03 for the first six months of the year. That’s a $15,114.98 increase over the same period last year. In the first six months of 2013, county sales tax receipts were $518,023.05.

Sales tax receipts are considered a measure of economic activity and the receipts over the last few years have shown continued improvement over the previous year, except for 2012 when receipts were slightly lower than in 2011.

Each fall, when Logan County starts putting together its budget for the next year, Oates estimates what sales tax revenues will be for that year. Receipts so far this year have been above projections every month except one. In June, receipts were $1,324 below projections. Oates is projecting that the county will get $1.06 million is receipts this year. Last year, the county got $1.6 million in sales tax receipts.

In the second quarter (April-June), Logan County got higher monthly receipts compared to the same period last year except for May and June.

In April, Logan County got $93,017.53 compared to $83,744 in April 2013. In May, Logan County got $84,313.07, compared to $90,621.91 in May 2013. In June, Logan County got $81,175.90 compared to $86.901.88 in June of 2013.

Oates believes sales tax receipts for the year will at least meet her projection of $1.06 million.

"We’ve been above the projected level in five of the six months this year," she said. "If that trend holds, I think we’ll meet projections. That’s important because that’s what the budget is figured on.