For its portion of the league that includes the 2014 little league season got underway in Booneville last weekend at the Billy Kiersey Baseball/Softball Complex.

No, it’s not a new park, or really even a new name — in July of 2012, after Kiersey’s passing, the Booneville City Council approved renaming the Booneville Baseball/Softball Complex in honor of Kiersey, but until February of this year the sign at the Highway 10 entrance of the park did not reflect the change.

After city workers scraped the old paint away the sign was blank for several more weeks before the new sign was put in place in time for the season openers.

The park was renamed for Kiersey because he is largely considered the driving force behind creation of the park.

"Me and Billy started that in ‘93," Booneville street department superintendent Donnie Hardin said recently. "We’d work out there 16 hours a day, seven days a week. And Billy volunteered all his time."

Kiersey also devoted countless hours to the city’s Marcelle Phillips City Park.