When the filing period for school board candidates ended last Tuesday at noon there was a single candidate in all four open positions in Booneville and the single open slot in Magazine.

In all but one case the candidate was an incumbent, of sorts.

The exception is Eric Jones, who filed on the final day of the period. Jones is seeking to replace Sam Tabler, who resigned from the board in June. There are two years left on Tabler’s term.

Jones previously sought Position 1 on the board but lost, ironically, to Tabler in a runoff in 2005. For more irony, the race drew a third candidate in Bill Oliver.

Now, Oliver is seeking an additional four years on the board in Position 3. Oliver was elected to a five-year term in 2007 but he announced last year he would not be seeking re-election to the board.

However, nobody came forward to campaign for the seat so, as the last duly elected person to the seat, by state law Oliver was permitted to say a sixth year if he chose. But, because he retained the seat it came open for the four years remaining on the term.

Incumbents Mike Farris and Bobby Cobb, who is currently the board president, are also seeking re-election. Farris has been on the board for over 12 years and currently holds Position 4. Cobb, who holds Position 6 is seeking his second term on the board.

In Magazine Robert Curtis is seeking a full five years on the board in Position 4. Appointed to fill a vacancy created when Don Dickens resigned from the board last summer, Curtis has spent one year on the board already.

There are actually no contested races in Logan County as Paris and Scranton voters also have a single candidate to consider in their lone vacancies.