A 17-year old Booneville boy turned himself in at the Booneville Police Department Thursday evening after being involved in a hit and run, literally.

Driving a Mercury Tracer with no plates, the minor, according to witnesses, was traveling west ran the stop sign at Sixth and Broadway and collided with a Chrysler 3000 that was traveling South and being driven by Paula Wagoner.

Impact from the collision caused both vehicles to come to a stop on the shoulder of the road, the Chrysler close to a deep ditch.

A resident on Broadway who heard the collision and thought it could have been an animal or a child hit, came out of her home and saw the boy after he exited the tracer.

"I looked at him and said don’t run, what if she’s hurt," said Kim Nilsson. "He said ‘I’m running."

Nilsson said she went back into her home and retrieved her keys and began to chase the boy in her vehicle, but could not locate him in a three block radius and returned home.

Wagoner was apparently uninjured and called a relative to pick her up at the scene.

While officers were still on the scene a radio transmission confirmed the boy had turned himself in at the police department. He was accompanied by his father.

The boy was charged with driving without a license, careless or prohibitive driving, no seat belt, no insurance and leaving the scene of an accident.