The Logan County Health Department Units are under new leadership but you may not know that. She’s been kind of keeping a low profile.

Paula Beaty took over the role of unit administrator for the Booneville and Paris offices in August and is settling into her new position.

Judy Houston, the previous administrator, had retired a few months earlier.

Beaty comes to the Logan County offices after a stint for Arkansas Department of Health in Sebastian County, where she oversaw the TB/STD/CD program, or tuberculosis/sexually transmitted diseases/communicable diseases.

But, she actually comes a little further than that each day as she commutes from across the state line in Roland, Okla.

As the administrator Beaty is responsible for the daily functions of both units, she handles the financial matters and she makes sure policy dictates from state officials are followed.

"I try to make sure we operate these units in line with Little Rock and my county judge," said Beaty. "And serve the public, that’s what we’re here for — public health."

However, as a Registered Nurse, Beaty has that perspective and also calls on herself in a pinch.

"It’s beneficial if (administrators) are RNs," said Beaty. "If we have staff short, I can step in and fill those roles so should I have Stacey out or Brenda out I can step in and work the clinic.

"If I were not a nurse I would have to try to hunt up a float from another county which isn’t always available," she said.

Programs the units offer include the Women and Infant Children (WIC), immunizations, family planning, breast care, STDs, TB, communicable disease, home health and more.

"If we don’t do it locally I have access to it and can find it for you. Most services that are available through the state we can get for you here close," said Beaty. "We are your link."

Beaty is married and has four children, a daughter who is a junior at Oklahoma University, another who is a senior in high school and twin fifth grade boys.