A 33-year old Booneville man plead no contest to sexual assault Friday and was sentenced to 315 days in the Logan County Jail. He was then credited with 315 days of jail credit.

Fifteenth Judicial District Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Brian Mueller told Judge Jerry Don Ramey the state would have called a victim, who was 8-years old at the time of the incident, who would have testified that Jeremy Marcus Ruby, 33, "put his hand into her underwear and rubbed her privates."

Asked by Ramey if he objected to the state’s position Ruby said, "no".

Ramey said he found there was a factual basis for the case and found Ruby guilty of the charge before implementing sentencing in accordance with the plea agreement, which included a no contact order with the victim and her family.

In addition to his jail credit, the terms of the plea agreement stipulate Ruby must register as a sex offender and he will also be on probation for three years. He was also assessed court costs, a public defender fee and must submit a sample for a DNA database.

A second case against Ruby, for forgery, will not be pursued by the state but Ruby must make restitution of $150.

In an unrelated case John Wayland Sears, plead guilty to theft of property and was sentenced to four years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections, all suspended, and ordered to pay $6,000 in restitution.

Asked what he had done, Sears said he "took some cars somebody gave me". His attorney, Deeanna Weimar, added Sears had taken cars that did not belong to him. Ramey asked Sears if he agreed with his attorney and the defendant said, "yes".

A second charge against Sears will not be pursued in accordance with the plea agreement.