Following its meeting last week the Logan County Election Commission released a statement indicating all polling places will be open for next Tuesday, preferential primary voting and non-partisan judicial election.

Last month Election Commission Chairman Gary Eveld said south side polls in Barber and Petit Jean were in jeopardy of having to close because of a lack of poll workers, but last week he said the situation has been remedied.

Had workers not been acquired, the nearest polling places for those districts would have been as far as 12 miles away.

With one week of early voting left, the Logan County Clerk’s office said Monday that 282 early votes has been cast.

Turnout for the balloting could be low.

“I think there will be a low turnout,” Eveld said. “I don’t think there’s any interest in the election.”

Logan County Clerk Peggy Fitzjurls wouldn’t go that far when asked about turnout.

“There’s not a lot of races on the ballot and there could be a turnaround,” Fitzjurls said. “The courthouse has been crowded all week and there aren’t a lot of parking spaces available, so that could have caused a problem with early voting.”

The county has 12,048 registered voters and primary elections typically draw between 25 percent and 30 percent of voters.

Polling places will open at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday and close at 7:30 p.m. Eveld said last week that all polling stations will be fully staffed but extra poll workers would be appreciated. If you would like to be a poll worker, call the County Clerk’s office at 963-2618 or the election coordinator at 438-3534. Poll workers are paid minimum wage for at least 12 hours work and mileage is sometimes paid.

There are three county-wide races on the ballot — Republican nominations for County Judge and County Sheriff and the Denocratic nomination for County Clerk. The offices now carry four-year terms after voters approved a change in the state’s Constitution in 2016.

In the Republican Primary, County Judge Ray Gack is seeking another term and is challenged by Randy Trusty. Winning the nomination is tantamount to winning the office because there is no Democratic challenger.

In the Republican Primary for Logan County Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff Jason Massey faces Josh Parsons. Current Logan County Sheriff Boyd Hicks announced last year that he would not seek reelection. Winning the primary is tantamount to winning the seat because there is no Democratic challenger.

In the Democratic Primary, Logan County Clerk Peggy Fitzjurls is being challenged by Tracye Hughes. Winning the nomination is tantamount to winning election because there is no Republican challenger.

The Booneville school District has two uncontested races including board president Janie Woolley and Dustin Garrett, who is seeking the seat vacated by Mike Farris.