Magazine hit with both outages, school dismissed over lack of water.

Twice last week utility service was lost for periods of the workday in South Logan County.

Magazine was hit harder, losing water service for about six hours on Tuesday and on Thursday all of south Logan County was out of power for about two and a half hours.

A ruptured 10-inch main water line disrupted service throughout Magazine last Tuesday, resulting in school dismissing at 9:45 a.m., and curtailing food service in the city.

Magazine Mayor Stan McConnell said once the leak was discovered and the estimated time to fix line was past noon, he notified the school, restaurant, the Corps of Engineers and the Logan County Health Department.

Magazine Schools Superintendent Brett Bunch said that was too long for students to be without rest room facilities and elected to send kids home for the day.

Bunch said the day will have to be made up and that there are a couple of options to do so, but a specific decision hasn’t been finalized as yet.

The break occurred at the intersection of Thomas Road and Highway 10 beside the sign marking the land as a wildlife management area.

In addition to Magazine Water Department personnel, Booneville Water Department employees also worked to help restore the service — Magazine purchases its water Booneville.

Because Magazine also provides water to Blue Mountain, that city, too, was out of service for about six hours while the line was being repaired.

That, Booneville Water Department supervisor David Hardin, made the event an emergency because of the number of chicken house served through the system.

Because the repair was completed by 3 p.m., Mount Magazine State Park, which purchases water from Blue Mountain, was not affected as it has four 20,000 gallon reservoirs to prevent service interruption, Hardin said.

Thursday’s power outage affected about 2800 customers and though school remained in session in both Booneville and Magazine, the lack of service shuttered most of the lunchtime business at local eateries.

The problem involved circuits at the Booneville substation according to SWEPCO spokesperson Peter Main.

The outage also coincided with the final couple of hours of the preferential primary filing period leaving the Deputy County Clerk in the Booneville office using cellular phone service to keep Clerk Peggy Fitzjurls’ office current on filings on the south side of the county.

With the stoplights out of service there was one minor accident reported at the stoplight connecting Subway with the entrance to Walmart.