Starting next Monday, Feb. 12, city residents will be expected to use their city-provided trash receptacles in accordance with guidelines for the city’s new trash truck.

The truck’s latest delivery date was earlier this week and, after a training period for the sanitation department, will be put into full time service on Monday.Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins forwarded a letter to residents last week detailing expectations for use of the trash cans.

“There are a few things we would like to remind you, to ensure that your trash is properly disposed of,” the letter states. “Please remember to place your assigned trash bin three feet from the road, with the serial numbers facing the street, and at least three feet away from vehicles, mailboxes and any other obstructions. This includes making sure that your assigned trash bin is not placed under low hanging electric, cable or any other lines.”

Wilkins’ letter adds residents should, “continue to set your trash out the night before your scheduled pick up day. After your trash is picked up, please remember to take your assigned trash bin away from the street.”

Wilkins also notified residents who feel as if they will need a second trash bin that they can call City Hall at (479) 675-3811 to request one.

The mayor’s letter also states failure to comply with regulations may result in trash being left behind.