With the latest scheduled arrival date of last Friday missed, the city’s new trash truck is now expected to be delivered at some point this week.

Sanitation crews, including driver Tommy Shelton will then be trained on operation of the new truck, which will be used with the new trash cans. Those were delivered to city residents beginning on Jan. 5.

Because the truck has an automatic loading device for the new trash cans, residents are asked to position their trash cans away from high line wires and overhead limbs from trees, as well as several feet away from obstructions like mail boxes Shelton said last week.

The purchase of the new truck was approved by the cith council in May at a cost of $317,000 and delivery of the truck was originally expected in November or December. Monthly payments will be just under $5,000.

In December the city paid off its existing trash truck debt.

City officials have also ordered a clamping adapter for the truck the city is retaining for a backup to pick up the new trash cans.

To pay for the added expense of the new truck and receptacles, aldermen approved a trash fee hike of $2.50 in August, but repealed it and instead raised the monthly fee by $1.50 to $14 in September to avoid having the bill increase over $16, with the added sales tax.

Residents realizee the increase when they received their January water bills.

The last time the trash fee was raised was in May of 2011, up from $9.50, the rate it had been since 2004, to offset losses by the sanitation department due largely to the cost of diesel.