A City Hall job created with the passage of the 2018 salary ordinance by the Booneville City Council in December, drew 26 applicants in an application period that ended Friday.

The job created is described as a deputy city clerk who, through legal mandate, has to be bonded as they will be required to fill in for city clerk Gayleene West, who is in her first team as city clerk.

Creation of the deputy position, eliminated a position of an administrative assistant and will carry the same salary that position did.

The change was dictated, councilman Arron Brewer stated in December, by a recently conducted audit of the city books.

Mayor Jerry Wilkins appointed Brewer and councilman Brad Smith, as well as West, to a committee to screen the applicants for the position. Once that process has been completed interviews will be conducted and a person will be selected to fill the position.

The position was advertised in the Booneville Democrat on Jan. 3, 10 and 17.