School districts across our state are celebrating some of the most influential people in their districts, their school board members.

The Magazine School District realizes the importance of each board member and the dedication it takes to meet the every changing needs of its students and staff, superintendent Brett Bunch states.

“The vision and guidance our board provides the district is a critical role in the on-going success of our school. They represent our students and advocate for public education,” said Bunch. “We are very proud of our members and their dedication to the students, staff, and community with their service.”

The 2017-2018 Magazine School Board members are Danny Loyd, president; Bob Scharbor, vice-president; Alfonso Vasquez, secretary; Robert Curtis; and Michael Springer.

“Each member of the board brings a diverse background to their position, which allows them to make the collaborative decisions that help guide the future of the school. Magazine School District is the heartbeat of our community and these men keep their hands on the pulse of our district to ensure continued growth and success,” stated Bunch. “On behalf of the Magazine School District administration, educators, support staff, and students we would like to say thank you for your service and commitment to striving for excellence.”