The Fort Smith Board of Directors is set to vote Tuesday on raising parking meter rates and fines after delaying the vote twice.

Parking meter rates on Garrison Avenue would double from 25 cents an hour to 50 cents an hour (or 10 cents per 12 minutes; 25 cents per 30 minutes). All other on-street parking meter rates and the Eighth Street parking lot will cost 25 cents per 40 minutes (or 10 cents per 15 minutes; 50 cents per 90 minutes), up from 25 cents per hour. The Second Street parking lot would be free.

The rates have not increased since 1985, according to a memo from City Administrator Carl Geffken to the board.

The fine for not paying for parking would increase from $5 to $10 if paid on or before 6 p.m. of the day following the violation. The fine would be $15 if delivered between two and four days, $20 if delivered between four and 15 days or $25 after 15 days.

“If the ordinance is passed, the administration will begin planning the replacement of all parking meters with smart parking meters that are smartphone app enabled, procure and install the automated parking garage gate and hire a cleaning firm for the parking garage,” the memo states. “The contract to perform the required maintenance on the parking garage was already approved by the Board of Directors at the December 5 board meeting. We will also be implementing the leasing of parking spots to business owners that request it and allowing for up to three hours of parking time to be purchased.”

The ordinance will go into effect Feb. 5 if it passes.

The board will also vote on an agreement to purchase land from the U.S. Marshals Museum next to the River Park Events Building where the Riverfront Skate and Bike Park is to be built. If approved, the city will purchase the 3.49 acres for $200,000.

The directors will also consider renaming Sunnymede Walking Trail to Ronnie Udouj Walking Trail in honor of a Fort Smith resident who died in 2015 at 74 years old. Udouj was the co-owner of Bradford and Udouj Realty, general manager at Riverside Furniture and chairman of the board of River Valley Bank and Trust, according to his obituary.

The board will also consider:

• A resolution authorizing participation in the Arkansas Municipal League’s Legal Defense Program ($107,761) and a resolution recognizing the opioid epidemic and to engage in litigation as a member of the Municipal Legal Defense Program against those entities and people responsible for the societal crisis.

• An ordinance approving on application by Muse Lounge & Nightclub to transfer a 5 a.m. private club permit to sell liquor, wine and beer from Fianna Hills Country Club.

• A resolution amending the fiscal performance policies of the city.

• A resolution accepting a bid for the purchase of fire apparatus ($569,523).

• A resolution authorizing the mayor to execute an authorization to the agreement with Morrison-Shipley Engineers Inc. for the 2015 sanitary sewer assessment remedial measures ($205,196).

• A resolution accepting the bid of and authorizing the mayor to execute a contract with KAJACS Contractors Inc. for the 2015 sanitary sewer assessment remedial measures ($3.5 million).

• A resolution authorizing the assignment of a land lease agreement from Smith Communications, LLC to American Towers, LLC for the tower and wireless communications facility at Carol Ann Cross Park and authorizing the mayor to execute documents pertaining thereto.

• A resolution authorizing the acquisition of property interests for 2016 drainage improvements for $89.

• A resolution accepting bids for the purchase of aggregates, sand, concrete and asphalt concrete products for 2018 (annual bid).

• An ordinance authorizing the mayor to execute agreements for certain services for inhabitants of the city (SRCA, Area Agency on Aging and Project Compassion).

• An ordinance authorizing the mayor to execute agreements for certain services for inhabitants of the city (Fort Smith Museum of History).

• A resolution authorizing the mayor to execute an agreement and an authorization with RJN Group Inc. for engineering services for 2016 remedial measures ($358,600).

• A resolution authorizing a change order with S.J. Louis Construction of Texas, Ltd. for the Lake Fort Smith water transmission line ($130,247).

• A resolution accepting the project as complete and authorizing final payment of $662,389 to S.J. Louis Construction of Texas, Ltd. for Lake Fort Smith water transmission line.

• A resolution authorizing an amendment to the agreement with Mickle Wagner Coleman Inc. for engineering services for the Lake Fort Smith water transmission line ($100,000).

• One appointment to the Fire Code Board of Appeals & Adjustments during an executive (nonpublic) session.

The Board of Directors meeting will be 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Fort Smith Public Schools Service Center, Building B, 3205 Jenny Lind Road.