City residents began receiving new trash receptacles late last week.

Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins ordered 2,000 of the receptacles for use on an as yet undelivered new trash truck. The truck was originally scheduled to arrive by the end of 2017 but that has been pushed back until Jan. 19.

Delivery of the cans, which came from Grand Rapids, Mich., necessitated four semis which began arriving on Thursday and continued through Saturday.

There are approximately 1,300 residences in the city, but Wilkins ordered extra receptacles for heavier trash generators and as replacements in the event something happens to them.

The trash cans are stamped with a city of Booneville logo and numbers which are assigned to specific residences.

Representatives of the company who sold the cans to the city were in town last week to assist with the completing assembly by adding the wheels and axles to the cans and distribution of the cans.

The new truck will clamp the sides of the receptacles and automatically dump the contents into the rear of the truck.

The receptacles were put into use before the truck arrives but came with a flyer from City Hall reminding residents all trash in the cans must be in bags.

City officials have also ordered an adapter for the truck the city is retaining for a backup, once the new truck arrives but that device has yet to arrive as well.

To pay for the added expense of the receptacles, aldermen approved a trash fee hike of $2.50 in August, but repealed it and instead raised the monthly fee by $1.50 to $14 in September to avoid having the bill increase over $16 with the added sales tax.

Residents will realize the increase when they receive their next water bills.

The last time the trash fee was raised was in May of 2011, up from $9.50, the rate it had been since 2004, to offset losses by the sanitation department due largely to the cost of diesel.

Because the new truck has yet to arrive, and because the final payment on the vehicle in use now was paid off last week, the sanitation department doesn’t have a vehicle debt.