Members of the Logan County Quorum Court approved a 2018 budget on Wednesday, Dec, 27 during a special meeting held at the Logan County Courthouse.

But the approval wasn’t unanimous. Justice of the Peach Mike Schluterman and Lindell Parsons voted no. The now votes came after Schluterman unsuccessfully attempted to add $100,000 to the road department.

“Mike wanted more money in the road department and I appreciate it,” County Judge Ray Gack said after the meeting. “But, we were trying to get a budget passed. We may add more money for roads later in the year.”

The budget includes $2.669 million for the county road department.

Work on the budget began in October and final touches were finished in mid-December.

The document calls for spending $12.6 million in 2018, compared to the $10.9 million spent last year. The final proposal also included changes in proposed pay raises for elected officials. Initially, the county’s Budget Committee called for a $4,000 annual pay increase for the county’s elected officials. That was trimmed to $2,500. The new budget retains pay increases of $1,500 for each full-time county employee and a raise to $10 an hour for part-time employees, an increase of 50 cents per hour.

The proposal doesn’t include raises for Justices of the Peace.

Gack said he thinks raises should have been the same for every employee.

“I think some people got to thinking about the amount of the raises and that changed their mind,” Gack said. “There was some opposition to the $4,000 raise for elected officials. What we have now is more in line with what I was thinking.”

Gack said his budget proposal was for $1,000 raises.

“I think every body should have gotten the same amount of raise across the board,” Gack said.

Gack added that salary and benefit increases caused the increase in spending in the budget, compared to this year’s budget.

“Supplies and other things like that were about the same,” Gack said. “We only added one position.”

The new position is a deputy director for the county’s Office of Emergency Management. With the new position, the county OEM will have two employees next year.

With the raises, county elected officials will make $41,000 annually with the exception of the County Judge and the County Sheriff. The County Judge and County Sheriff will each make $45,200.