The announced town hall meeting in Magazine last night did not happen.

On Friday, Magazine City Hall was closed in observance of Veteran’s Day. On the door was taped a note telling readers that Tuesday’s town hall meeting had been cancelled, City Hall will remain in its location and the Gloria Perry Community Building would remain as is as well.

The meeting had been called to obtain public input on an idea to sell the Magazine City Hall building and move its offices across Highway 109 to the community building.

After the meeting was announced Magazine Mayor Stan McConnell said he suspected some councilmen were for the idea of selling City Hall, while others were not.

McConnell said the city had been approached about selling the building and its lot to Albert Littleton, who is opening a True Value Hardware store immediately south of City Hall.

In addition to McConnell’s office, City Hall houses the Magazine Police and Water departments. The community building is the hub of homecoming and Christmas parade activities as well as a polling place for the city.