A Booneville couple is facing a charge of commercial burglary and lottery fraud in connection with the alleged entry of a restricted area and theft of lottery tickets.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit Joshua Michael Buffington, 32, and Stacey Lynne Buffington, 48, entered a restricted area inside Littlefield Express and took a package of 100 $3 tickets.

Josh Buffington then tried to cash the tickets at the JAM Mart in Booneville and was told the tickets had not be activated. According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Josh Buffington then returned home and burned the tickets.

When officers arrested Josh Buffington he was also found in possession of a Social Security Card belonging to a Fresno, Calif., man and was charged with theft by receiving as well.

The commercial burglary charge is a Class C felony, the lottery fraud charge is a Class D felony and the theft of property charge is a misdemeanor.

In an unrelated case, the pair are also charged with breaking or entering, theft of property and theft by receiving of a debit or credit card account number.

Both were charged in connection with a break-in of automobiles in a parking lot on Booneville school grounds. The Buffingtons were found in possession of a wallet reported stolen two books of checks and an additional wallet belonging to a school student.

The breaking or entering and theft by receiving charges are Class D felonies, the theft of property charge is a misdemeanor.