Trying to bring son home from Costa Rica.

If you have ever bought a snow cone from the Kona Ice truck that travels around the city you have come into contact with the Womack family, typically a happy group that always seems to be smiling.

Until recently.

Michael and Angela Womack have been married for two years. Angela has a son, Ruben, from a previous relationship. Ruben, was in the immigration process and was not allowed to leave the United States to see his father back in Costa Rica for a period of time, but as soon as the travel restriction was lifted the Womacks sent Ruben to see his biological father earlier this summer. Angela made the trip as well and stayed with relatives nearby and still saw Ruben once a week.

As summer vacation was coming to an end Angela flew home to help Michael move the family into a new home north of Caulksville. They had previously resided in Booneville.

The morning that the family was going to go to the airport to pick Ruben up the family received an email from the father stating that he was not going to return Ruben and was going to keep him. The Womacks put some legal actions into motion and sent Angela back to Costa Rica to try and find her son.

The father went into hiding with Ruben to try and retain custody. Ruben was later recovered by Angela when she set up a meeting with a distant relative. Ruben ran into the house ahead of the father and that is when Anela locked the door and informed him that she now has custody.

The Womack’s troubles were not over at that point because the father still has Ruben’s passport and will not release it and has since destroyed it, according to Michael.

The Costa Rican authorities have not been able to locate the father so Ruben and his mother were trapped in the country unable to get back home. The courts there ordered the father to return the passport.

Ruben and his mother were moving from house to house in case the father tries to kidnap Ruben again.

The family is seeking some financial help as the situation has become costly. “The cost is starting to pile up,” said Michael. “It is just a hard situation.”

Angela made another trip to Costa Rica on Monday for an immigration hearing on Monday. The family is trying to get the courts to grant permission for Ruben to leave the country without the passport.

The Womack family is needing help with lawyers as well as traveling expenses to help them through this trying time. A Gofundme campaign has been started entitled “Bring Ruben back to the US” and can be found at