Senator Gary Stubblefield, R-Branch, has received a “Calvin Coolidge Heroes of Freedom Award” from Conduit for Commerce for his voting record on fiscal conservative issues in the 91st General Assembly legislative session.

The awards are given every two years to the top fiscal conservative legislators in the state based on their voting records on the Conduit for Commerce legislative scorecard. Coolidge award winners represent the cream of the crop of fiscal conservative legislators who are committed to shrinking government, decreasing dependency on government, strengthening government ethics/transparency, and saving money for the state.

Stubblefield, a Republican from Branch who represents all of Logan County, was recognized at the Conduit for Commerce Calvin Coolidge Heroes of Freedom Awards dinner at the Capital Hotel in Little Rock.

Conduit for Commerce’s rankings show which legislators are fiscal conservatives and which are fiscal progressives. Conduit scored the votes of Arkansas legislators based on Conduit’s Economic Freedom Filter. This filter looks to see if a bill shrinks or grows government; increases or decreases dependency on government; and or spends more or saves money. Conduit also considers transparency bills.

Some bills have a greater impact on the state and were thus scored accordingly, receiving a higher weight. Both floor votes and roll call votes in committees were considered as well. In total, 33 Senate floor votes and three corresponding committee votes were scored. In the House, 35 floor votes and 12 committee votes were scored.

Legislators receiving the highest scores are our most fiscally conservative legislators and those with lower scores represent the more fiscally progressive.

The full rankings can be found at

Conduit for Commerce is an Arkansas 501(c)(3) non-profit organization educating the public and legislators on the benefits of economic freedom, limited government, and individual liberty with an emphasis on small business. Conduit for Action is a sister of organization of Conduit for Commerce and more information can be found at