Allegedly everybody who was anybody wanted Gray Breshears in 1998. Booneville wanted him the worst, and got him, chasing him from a 52-13 game in 1998.

We continue today with our countdown of what a committee thinks are the 50 greatest games — so far — to have been played in Bearcat Stadium, because on Sept. 1, the stadium will open its gates for its 50th season. We break into the top 40 today.

Why was this game chosen? Okay, as I said the highly touted quarterback was set to carve up the Bearcats but Booneville made him look, well, silly. Both were 5-0 in conference play, the Bearcats 7-0 overall and Clarksville 6-1. Breshears threw for 2, count them, 2 yards.

What do I remember? Okay, its still triple digit summer head when the Gary Brashears father visited my office to tell me how wonderful his kid was, who wanted him and whatnot. Fine. Interesting. Wow. Finally I'd had enough and while trying to get Senior to walk out of my office I told him Junior's offensive line better have gotten, well, better, or he was in deep trouble. He finally left.

And, since Allen Ray wouldn't say it, Booneville's quarterback had some incentive sent via mail. Regardless who was responsible it lit a fire under Brandon Rowland and he poured out that wrath on the Panthers.

What does Allen Ray remember? Best comment that sums it all up is when (Brashears) took him self out of the game.

What happened? Clarksville deferred and when the second half began after, as Gator put it, Brashears had packed it in, it was 40-7. With the kickoff the Bearcats took a 7-0 lead. Clarksville's first three plays went for minus 14 and had a sack of the chosen one. Rowland lost one touchdown to a penalty but got his first anyway on the next drive and it was 14-0.

A pass interference call saved a possession inside the Bearcat 10 and John Tripp got Clarksville's only scoring highlight.

Seven and a half minutes later it was over. A pair of 58-yard runs — Zach Adair and Rowland — and it was 26-7. Blake Scoggin set Rowland up at the 1 with a 39-yard carry and Rowland returned a punt 60 yards for a touchdown to make it 40-7.

Before halftime Rowland also intercepted Brashears.

Rowland kept pouring in on in the third quarter with a 14-yard touchdown pass to Matt Shott to make it 46-7 and after Tommie Glover blocked a punt, Scoggin got a touchdown to make it 52 for the home team.

Clarksville blocked two punts themselves before the game ended, scoring after one, but they saw John Chase recover a fumble to kill the next drive.

Technically, this has nothing to do with the game, but as he has been here, Brashears became the butt of several jokes. He eventually signed with Houston Nutt and Arkansas and in a spring game was reportedly given a concussion and when he woke up in the hospital, is said to have asked, did we play Booneville last night? I'm not sure of the validity of that story, but I like it.

Tomorrow it's about as lopsided as a semifinal game gets at number 39.