A long anticipated disc golf course at Marcelle Phillips City and Veteran’s Park is set up for play.

However, bridge access between the two parks has not been finished so the two cages at Veteran’s Park may not be used too much.

There is also still work to be done to mark tee boxes, adding numbers for each hole at Marcelle Phillips, as well as painting the cages.

Josh Walker said he and his wife played the course shortly after the cages were installed but he was uncertain if he played the correct order and believes he probably missed at least one hole.

Besides the cages that dot the landscape inside Marcelle Phillips there are also two across the street on city owned property that is projected as a connector for the parks once the two necessary bridges are placed to do so.

The project was initially borne out of Chamber of Commerce committee and is more than two years in the making.

A big key in moving forward was the school district’s landing of a $27,000 tobacco settlement funded joint use agreement grant which would permit things like sidewalk installation, and construction of the tee boxes and cages but could not be used for the bridges to cross the creek in two locations between Veteran’s and Marcelle Phillips.

Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins said last week the city has applied for a grant to construct the bridges, but he is uncertain if, or when, it might be approved.

In June of last year the city received permission to earmark the school’s grant for matching funds for a grant but nothing developed from the application.

The school and city have previously partnered on a project that resulted in the construction of a batting cage at the city owned and school used Billy Kiersey Baseball/Softball Complex.

The school cannot apply for another JUA grant until the funds from this one have been expended, superintendent John Parrish told the Booneville School Board last week.