The building that once housed the Ace Comb Plant, located at the west end of Second Street was sold back in April.

Walter Toney of Magazine confirmed he is the owner of the building last week, but if he has any specific plans about what to do with the factory once owned by Tony Alamo, he isn’t saying.

“We’ve got some ideas, but I don’t know yet,” Toney said last week.

One thing Toney has done is start to eradicate the standing water in two of the three receiving docks on the First Street side of the facility.

A recent television report highlighted the water problem, which is at least two decades old, and a city ordinance prohibiting such. However, Toney said that had nothing to do with the decision to pump the water out of the bays.

“We had already planned that,” he said.

On Thursday a sump pump was used to empty the east bay. The water in the middle bay was then pumped into the main bay where it ran freely into a drain trough that connects with the city’s sewer system.

It is apparently a system in use when Ace was open but absent electricity the water was allowed to pool.

Bobby and Wanda Carolan of Carolan Real Estate were the selling agents and the building was listed by Mason Shirey of Jimmy Bell Real Estate.