Rape and second degree sexual assault charges were levied last week against a 19-year old Magazine man.

For the rape charge Hunter Cotton is accused of engaging in sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion. For the assault charge, Cotton is accused of engaging in sexual contact with the sex organs of a minor female by forcible compulsion.

According to court documents an investigation began in January when the the Logan County Sheriff’s Office was notified on behalf of the alleged 16-year old victim reported being raped the preceding day by Cotton, who she identified as her boyfriend.

The rape allegedly occurred after the two were left alone in the home of a relative of the victim.

The girl told investigators she and Cotton had been sexually involved since April of 2016, but as few as one in four encounters had been consensual.

She told investigators that Cotton would sometimes force her into oral sex or be required to walk back to town from wooded areas and that when she chose the later he would take her phone and force her into a pickup and not let her exit the vehicle.

Additionally, the alleged victim said, Cotton blamed her for the incidents because of the way she looked at him or for her attire.

Rape is a Class Y felony. Second degree sexual assault is a Class B felony.

Ernie Witt has filed an entry of appearance on Cotton’s behalf. The entry includes a waiver of arraignment and a plea of not guilty.