Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins told Edgar Baker of the Downtown Beautification Committee the city would honor its commitment to furnish a street light for the green area the committee is crafting.

But, Wilkins told Baker during last week’s city council meeting, there is no hard time-line to do so.

Baker said the plans call for the “Wilson lot” work to be finished soon and the committee would like a light in place at least by the end of the summer.

The committee, an arm of the Booneville Industrial Development Corporation and Petit Jean Regional Foundation, wants two lights in the lot, one illuminating the area about halfway between and Broadway and the end of the lot and another at the alley.

Infrastructure was put in place for both when the sidewalk from the alley south of the Second and Broadway intersection was removed by the committee and replaced by the city.

Wilkins suggested, rather than a matching streetlight, installing one in the lot that has four lights, but Baker and his brother, Jerald, also of the committee, said the organization would be happy with a matching lights.

The lot began to take shape with the creation of a mural by Tony Hamby in the spring and has since been the subject of a landscaping project to include various plants and shrubbery, as well as a grassy area. A trash receptacle is also in place.

The Savage Theater, located directly across Broadway, has also been the subject of work at the intersection. In April the committee commissioned a pressure washing project on the building and last month the entire building received a fresh coat of paint.

Previously a pictorial display was placed in the windows at the former Chevrolet dealership and there are signage by First Western Bank indicates the lot on the northwest corner of the intersection is slating for a paving project.

The committee is paying for its work at the intersection with funds acquired by state lawmakers from a $16,750 General Improvement Fund grant through the Western Arkansas Planning and Development District.

That grant paid for additional planter boxes throughout the downtown. Edgar Baker asked that the city handle the watering of those flowers as employee Robert Smith takes care of several hanging baskets on street lights. Smith, who is also a councilman, agreed to do so.

Edgar Baker also requested the city replace other lights in the downtown area that were destroyed through various incidents or accidents.

“In front of the theater, we’d like that light replaced and one in front of (City Service),” he said.

Wilkins said that could be done in the next month.