A Booneville man who failed to show for a jury trial last week is now facing new charges.

With one case initially filed almost two years ago, Daniel Valdez, 42, was set to be tried on Monday, but he did not appear resulting in an arrest warrant being issued.

State prosecutors also amended the charges against Valdez in one case to possession of a firearm by certain persons, failure to appear with treatment as an habitual offender. A 2015 case was amended to include charges of theft of building materials of greater than $500 residential burglary, breaking or entering, failure to appear with treatment as an habitual offender, according to court documents.

In February 15th Judicial District Judge Jerry Don Ramey declined a change of venue motion by Valdez’s public defender after an open court statement in which Valdez was accused of threatening a witness or witnesses in the theft case.

In March Ramey approved a defense motion to suppress some statements attributed to Valdez during the investigation into the theft case, along with some evidence seized. However, the judge denied a motion to have additional statements made to police suppressed.