Booneville is number one, Tony Christie of Crosswalk told a contingent of school officials and students in front of five buses that are emblazoned with advertising.

Act 941 of 2015 permitted the sale of advertising on school bus with any proceeds generated from those sales reserved for transportation departments.

"Roughly two years ago this month legislation was passed making this possible," said Christie. "School districts are pinched for dollars in every department and this is a way to help keep you in tires, and fuel and alignment."

Initial advertisers on the five buses on advertising are Roberts Heating and Air, CV's Family Foods and Tyler Ford, all in Booneville, Harry Robinson GMC-Buick in Fort Smith and one shared by Crosswalk Marketing and the Booneville Rotary Club.

The ads mention only the company or organization's name along with a common theme of "A Hope And A Future."

So this happened this morning:

"To me it's simple, we have a traveling billboard and Crosswalk is willing to put the screening together and put the signs on the buses and then they just write us a check," said Booneville Superintendent John Parrish. "I see this as a win-win."

Parrish, the president of the Booneville Rotary Club, derived the campaign message.