Mount Magazine Park Interpreter Don R. Simons will be releasing Images of America: Mount Magazine on Monday, April 3.

Simons started his career as a naturalist for Arkansas State Parks in 1981. He became the park interpreter at Mount Magazine State Park southeast of Paris in 2000. His many interests have led to recognition and awards from the interpretive profession. Simons strives to combine human history with natural history, believing they are inseparable.

Images of America: Mount Magazine compiles images from many sources to tell the story chronologically.

The first known written description of Mount Magazine came from Thomas Nuttall, a noted English botanist, in 1819.

Since then, the highest mountain in Arkansas has come to mean many things to many people. To the first settlers of European descent, it was a place to scratch out a living and raise a family through hard work and hardships. To those enduring the Great Depression, it meant jobs.

The end of World War II brought numerous outdoor activities. Adventurous recreation enthusiasts found many ways for the mountain to challenge their abilities.

Scientists studying its biological communities discovered unique fauna and flora. Finally, the past two decades have combined all those attributes in the development of Mount Magazine State Park.

According to the back jacket “The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns and cities across the country. Using archival photographs, each title presents the distinctive stores from the past that shape the character of the community today.”

The soft cover book, which sells for $21.99, is published by Arcadia Publishing and The History Press in Mount Pleasant, S.C.