It’s kind of hard to miss one of Booneville’s newest businesses. Decorated if vivid colors and cartoon characters with a 10 option do it yourself flavoring for snow cones, Kona Ice has come to town.

While it is a business, of course, Mike Womack calls his Kona Ice truck a fundraiser on wheels as the company, now nine plus years old, has donated back more than $40 million too areas it serves.

“Every time you see us, we’re giving back,” Womack said.

A recent stint outside Walmart was benefiting Race for the Cure and the truck was also recently outside the junior high school

“If we’re out at the school, we’re raising money for the school,” said Womack. “If we’re at ballgames we’re raising money for the booster clubs.”

Of course the 9,000-pound truck can also be contracted for corporate and or private events, or fairs and festivals.

One of the 850 franchised trucks, Womack, who runs the business with his wife Angela and son Brandon, can usually be found in Booneville, where the family resides.

However the business is named by the corporate office through the larger territorial cities of Springdale and Greenwood to which his franchise is registered.

The truck, Womack said, has never been to Springdale and it typically only found in Greenwood and Booneville.

“What we did as a family was made the decision to come to small towns first,” said Womack. “Not many people would have made that choice, given that we could be in Springdale or Rogers, making a lot more.

“I’m not doing that for a pat on the back I just feel like I’m doing what God has for us.”

The company’s roots are in Christianity, Womack said.

While it resembles a snow cone the product on the truck is actually a nutritious Vitamin C and D enriched product created with stevia, said Womack.

Customer service, Womack said, is a staple of the company, and for himself.

“People that come into this business need to put community first and people first,” said Womack.

By its third year Kona was nominated as the top franchise in the country, according to Womack, and the company has finished in the top 3 each year since.

The best way to contact the business, Womack said, is via his Facebook page, Kona Ice of Springdale-Greenwood, or via phone at 479-206-3232.