There were so many defendants taken into custody after missing their name being called in the Southern District of South Logan County Friday, the bailiff ran out of handcuffs and leg chains.

One defendant stated they thought they had time to spare because of drug court proceedings, but 15th Judicial District Judge Jerry Don Ramey would not buy that excuse because, he said, the stated starting time is 9 a.m. whether there is drug court or not — there wasn’t Friday — and being early gives defendants time to visit with their attorney before court begins.

Another defendant said he was under the assumption that court began at 9:30, as had been the case in another court he had been to earlier in the week.

Ramey said that wasn’t likely because the starting time across the 15th Judicial District is 9 a.m.

“You can always assume it’s 9,” Ramey said.

Another defendant said she had miscalculated the time necessary to walk to the courthouse.

Yet another of the half dozen defendants who was initially a no-show was held through a final break although the state would drop the charges in one of the two cases against him.

Still another defendant also had two cases and was arraigned on a case for which a failure to appear warrant had previously been issued.