Booneville Schools Superintendent John Parrish wanted to raise more scholarship money for the Booneville High School Class of 2017 so he devised a plan.

“In a moment of stupidity or weakness, I volunteered to do this at a Rotary meeting,” Parrish, who is the club president, said on the first day of his approximate journey. “It wasn’t that big of a deal three or four months ago, when I was just being goofy.

“But a few days ago when it was coming up on me it kind of scared me that I was going to try to walk the 120 miles from the state capital to Booneville High School.”

Even before his start, the project had raised over $1700 for the scholarship pool. By Thursday it has surpassed $2,100 and on Sunday’s home stretch it was over $2,700.

However, there is one senior who is not eligible for the money, Parrish’s son Dalton.

“At the beginning when I set out to do this I asked the Rotarians not to consider Dalton for this scholarship because I thought it would be self-serving,” said Parrish.

How many scholarships will be derived from the project will depend upon the total haul, Parrish said.

“We’ve got these cans around town and one night we’ll have a Reid’s Rotary Rib Roundup where a bunch of Rotarians, administrators, and coaches will bus tables and the tips will go to the scholarship,” said Parrish adding with a chuckle, “we’ve got several things planned, but this may be the stupidest.”

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The walk is also a solo project. As in no security or other entourage, after a sendoff from State Rep. John Eubanks, R-Paris, and Sen. Gary Stubblefield, R-Branch at about 8:45 Wednesday. He did however get picked up and taken back to Little Rock Wedesday night to rest before being returned to the stopping point on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday night there was an event by a company seeking an audience with superintendents at the 1836 Club in Little Rock about reworking their schools with LED lighting. Parrish said he didn’t want to go in shorts so the clothes, and shoes seen in a television broadcast were on loan for the event.

The intended arrival at the high school was Sunday night, which meant a little more than 25 miles per day.

“Doing a marathon every day, may be more than what this 48-year old body can take,” Parrish said about 13 miles into the trip Wednesday morning.

Parrish stayed in a hotel the first night, with friends in Perryville, where he was formerly the school superintendent.

Ahead of schedule after the third day he was driven home to watch his daughter play softball and after a 10-mile Saturday he had tired of the weather conditions and again went home before starting the final 18-mile haul Sunday morning.

Donations for the walk as still be accepted through a gofundme account at or by mail to Parrish at Booneville Rotary Scholarship Fund at 381 West 7th Street Booneville, AR 72927