The Booneville City Council last week approved two LED lighting projects last week, the larger of which will cost the city about $9,250 after incentives but is expected to pay for itself in less than a year and a half.

The main portion of the project calls for replacing the lighting on 79 street lights. The total cost for that phase is $19,972.80 but is reduced to $9,250.73.

According to projections from SWEPCO the project should save the city about $6,700 per year resulting in completely covering the project cost in about 16.5 months.

Using that estimate the annual carbon impact saved is 47.31 metric tons of carbon dioxide which, according to an Environmental Protection Agency website, equates to almost 10 passenger vehicles, 5,300 gallons of gasoline burned or seven homes.

According to an email to Mayor Jerry Wilkins, SWEPCO officials are projecting an $80,000 total savings over a 12-year life of the project.

A second of the two phase project calls for replacing the lighting at the city’s municipal complex at a cost of $7,014. After SWEPCO incentives, the city’s cost is an additional $3,715.11.

For that portion of the project the city is projected to see an annual savings of $2,061 or about $24,700 over 12 years and the project should reach a break even point after about 22 months.

Alderman Eddie Gossett made the motion to approve the project and Arron Brewer seconded it.

In other matters last week the council heard a pitch from the Downtown Beautification Committee of the Petit Jean Regional Foundation in which the committee offered to see that costs to remove the sidewalk from the southern intersection of Second and Broadway to the alley if the city will fund a new sidewalk.

While there was no commitment on behalf of the city, Wilkins did pledge to acquire a price estimate on creating a new sidewalk.

The city replaced another section of Second Street from the city’s fire department to the west side of the Booneville Democrat last September.