Weather permitting, the first to two tests of the tornado sirens in Booneville will be conducted at noon today.

The siren system in Booneville will be tested at noon today and again at noon on March 15, Booneville Police Chief Al Brown recently announced.

When the siren is activated a signal is transmitted to the school district’s tornado safe rooms at Booneville Elementary School and between the high school and junior high school buildings.

Brown also said last week the policy on activating the siren system only in the event a tornado warning has been issued for the south Logan County area.

According to, the difference in a tornado watch and warning is in issuance and scope. A watch is issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Storm Prediction Center issues watches and the National Weather Service issues warnings.

A watch can cover as much as 25,000 square miles, according to, while a warning signifies, “that severe weather is imminent and is based on specific criteria and existing reports received by the NWS.”